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A class of its own

International boundaries are not the „ulitma ratio“. Our Furmint proves this by combining cold continental climate, Mediterranean warmth and Pannonian fire. Lime-tree blossom and chamomile, hay flowers and herbs, sponge cake and brioche - lively on the palate, luscious and crisp, very well built body. Tradition on one side and innovation on the other, this is what shapes the brilliant frontier commuter. With the slogan “Indulgence is always a game of contradiction – and this is why it is considered the most vivid feeling”. (Gero von Randow). Cheers, prost or Egészségedre – in particular in combination with a roasted fogosch / pikeperch!

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The Turner is the heart of Ruster Berg (the hills of Rust), the soil type here is called Rust gravel: Primordial sediments of crystalline rock, sand and limestone. To the West the site is protected by an old stone wall, while sloping down toward the lake to the Southeast. The vineyard was acquired by the family Kraft, our ancestors who came from Thüringen in 1770. We planted Furmint here in 1992.

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The dry Furmint is characterized by a firey note. Typical is the aroma of golden apple and quince, often one also finds ripe heirloom vineyard peaches, above is the delicate fragrance of chamomile and linden blossom. I particularly like to drink Furmint with one of my favorite dishes: Paprika chicken with “Nockerl“ – little Austrian dumplings. Perhaps because of the firey note?

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Fun to know

„Wine Grapes.“ A reference work of the Britisch wine journalists Jancis Robinson and Julia Harding, which they compiled with the Swiss scientist José Vouillamoz. Over 1,300 Rebsorten were described, including Furmint. Many stories I have been telling over the years belong in the land of legends, one of these is true: Furmint originated in Central Europe. Die Rebfläche in Österreich umfasst nur 9 Hektar. The variety makes high demands on soil and climate – and finds in Freistadt Rust the best conditions.

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